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We partnered with Riposte - A Smart Magazine for Women - to get under the skin of three fascinating UK-based women who are boldy and unashamedly living their lives as the people they want to be.

We unravel the layers of Joey Yu, Emma Low and Tahima Begum to explore how their upbringing, heritage and careers have helped to shape the people they are today, plus how they express their multi-dimensional personalities through their experimental style choices.

Photography: Rosie Matheson

Emma Low, Pot Yer Tits Away Luv

Pot Yer Tits Away Luv all started with a pot for my boyfriend’s Christmas present! I made him a pot that represented me and someone else really loved it and asked if was planning on making anymore. I then made five pots and sold them via my personal Instagram. People got in touch and asked if I was doing commissions.

Emma wears Phoebe Small, in Blush
Emma wears Neil, in Satin Gold

I think people are so hung up on how we look these days so it’s nice to strip it back and say, “Everyone is different, stop worrying, concentrate on bigger things.”

Emma wears Max, in Chocolate Chip

My experiences of Scottish people are that they’re very true to themselves. They’re social, kind and funny. I definitely wouldn’t have the sense of humour that I do if it wasn’t for being Scottish. My work has definitely been influenced by my sense of humour.

Emma wears Vic Lux, in Pink Suede

As young as I can remember I was wearing clothes that expressed who I was. My mum and I have very similar taste so I definitely get it from her. As I’m getting a little older I’m spending less money on clothing and more on homeware. You can tell just as much about someone from what their home looks like.

Pottery to me is half therapeutic, half frustrating as fuck. It’s always felt like a good outlet for my energy because it’s enjoyable but it’s something I’ve really had to work at, and for the first time I’ve found something to be dedicated to. It’s really nice pushing yourself to become better.

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