Secret 7″ 2018

  • Matthew Blick

After a years’ hiatus, 2018 saw the return of Secret 7″, the art exhibition that raises money for charity through the sale of the vinyl music sleeves on display, featuring one of the seven specially pressed tracks inside. The selected charity the proceeds benefited this time was Mind, who support those with mental health problems in England and Wales.

The track that I selected for the subject of my artwork was London Grammar’s Help. To me, this song painfully describes a person’s thoughts and desperate cries for help to remove themself from an abusive relationship.
Understanding the song’s lyrics Lines such as ‘Here you won’t find treason heart’ and ‘We need him to stay between us’ convey that the person does not want to betray her relationship, whereas, lines such as ‘Quiet, he sleeps with anything but love’ and ‘Black paint on a white canvas arm, imprints of the words you chose to say’—a metaphor for the bruising left from a violent altercation—show that they are frightened and looking for a way out.
Visualisation The lyrics build the scene of a woman, unable to speak out against her partner, which I visually interpreted to show the woman trapped in her home, looking through the blinds out to the world where it is lighter. I specifically chose blinds to convey her sense of entrapment and being blinded by her loyalty to her partner.
Creative Boom • Dezeen • Time Out London