• Thomas Dunn
Seed is a response to an RSA Live brief named 'Mind Your Money'. Seed is a budgeting app designed for students at university. For many students going to university is the first real opportunity they would have to budget. This app enables them not only to budget, but manage real time spending. It also has the added feature of uploading shopping lists - the app then searches for nearby shops that sell the listed items at the best price. Your budgeting directly effects the welfare of the geometric flower. You budget well, the flower thrives, You budget badly the flower gradually dies.
The Brief
Managing money well can be hard. It means making ends meet day-to-day, responding to financial shocks such as reduced income (losing your job) or an unexpected expense (car breaks down), and putting aside money for the future.
Financial capability is more than just knowledge of abstract concepts; it is putting that knowledge into practice to manage money well. There are political and economic factors that shape people’s financial capability, but this brief asks you to address the social-psychological aspects that make it challenging for people to manage their money well.
Research from behavioural science shows that some of our natural human characteristics undermine our ability to manage money well.