Sets & Scenarios

  • Lindsey Wiercioch
  • Jade Barget
  • Angela Blanc In recent years, the development of media has transformed the way we experience moving images. Presented in three acts from June 15 to 22, Sets and Scenarios explores our heightened proximity to images and what it means to live under their influence. Two commissions by Eva Gold and Adam Christensen delve into notions of control, perversity, desire and heartache. Through text and repurposed moving images, Gold devises scenes of obsessive voyeurism fleshing out the inherent violence of the act of looking. Adam Christensen invites the audience to an hour-long performance for the camera in his house turned baroque theatrical stage, obscuring distinctions between on and off set. In times of reduced mobility, Aaron Ratajczyk and Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi find motion in images. Ratajczyk stages one-to-one dance rehearsal via video call —the screen as proxy to corporeal normalcy— whilst movements in time and history are proposed by Nguyen-Chi’s multilayered films. Presented through an interactive navigational map, the works expand into a rhizomatic web of influence of different media. Sets and Scenarios also features existing videos including works by James Richards, expanding the inquiry on the relationship between viewer and screen as images penetrate retina and ear, before creeping beneath the skin, towards the flesh, muscles and viscera.

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