Shell: The Hunt

  • Gary Brosnan

Social campaign to educate and drive conversation around Shell V-Power and the Belgium Grand Prix

Brief Shell: V Power sponsor the F1 Belgium GP each year. This year the team approached me with an ask to help them drum up interest and drive conversation across Europe around their sponsorship with Ferrari, while educating their audience about the benefits of V Power fuel at the same time.
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Approach My approach was to leverage Shells relationship with Ferrari and their F1 drivers to create European wide buzz around 3 hidden Ferrari's in your city. The concept was simple: Create a hero piece of video content that shows Kimi Räikkönen parking a California T Ferrari in a hidden place and invite people to find them and win VIP tickets to the SPA, Belgium GP. To do this I used social to drip feed clues to their locations and invited participants to a 'Hunt' day in London, Berlin and Warsaw.