Shutter Hub Exhibition: Everything I Ever Learnt at The University of Cambridge

  • Jayne Lloyd
  • Nicola Parry

Installation and private view photographs of Everything I Ever Learnt, a Shutter Hub exhibition with Art at the ARB, University of Cambridge, which ran from 28 March – 3 May 2019. Almost 100 photographers came together to show the world through their eyes, supported by The Newspaper Club. "That image reminds me of something. It ignites a small flame that lights my way through the filing system of my mind. It brings me eventually to the hint of a memory, and that memory guides my interpretation of the image, influences my reaction, connects my thoughts and feelings, and threads them together, binding them into a new collection, to be drawn upon the next time something familiar arises." Everything I have seen, felt, remembered, everything, influences and informs every thought I will ever have.