• Andreea Nan

This project represents the introduction-to-market of an OTC range in the Republic of Ireland by Fannin a healthcare company part of the DCCplc group, an FTSE-100 group. My role in this project was to create the digital marketing strategy and design the online presence of the range on social media within a tight marketing budget. This project represented the first product range for which Fannin invested in a digital presence for. My partner and I have created both the traditional and digital marketing campaigns for the product stretching from social media marketing to specialized magazines and the creation of in-store marketing content. I was directly responsible for creating, designing, and managing all social media marketing material. We raised a genuine following of +300 followers in the first three months post product launch in pharmacies across Ireland. We also participated in numerous expos and events.

The range constituted of five clinically proven products that reduced the appearance of scars, stretch-marks, and cellulite. During the project, we also got to experiment with different demographics and targeting.

Although I do not have a design background, in this project I was responsible for the design and creation of posts, campaigns, and printed promotional material.
Although I have left the proejct in September 2019, check their instagram page here: