SILENCES_LIBRARY: Let's listen to silence!

  • Ester Rovira Carbonell

The Library of Silences is a proposal to store silences of people and disciplines from all over.

We want to try to gather between 2000 and 2500 silences in podcasts of no more than 1 minute and that you can listen to them to be inspired, to rest from the world or to find other silences; it is the will to demonstrate that silences are uniques and that each one of us has our own.

Taking advantage of the silence of COVID dystopian situation in which we are living - we have been encouraged to start this part of the project that we never found the time to propose.
We ask three “simple” questions about silence to someone that we like or that inspire us - with his/her criteria, job, career, thoughts, feelings… - and after that we make this podacst and we look for a concept picture based on their image of silence.

Finally we also ask them for two people they would like to ask for their silences - the only condition would be that they are alive! We would like to create a silent and connected network.
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