SilvaScienta Logo Redesign

  • Edward Penna

Logo redesign I worked on for my YouTube series 'Logo Level Up'. I choose a small businesses, surprise them with an upgraded logo and record the whole process, which you can watch below.

My first introduction to SilvaScienta came from a connection of mine in a similar space

I connected with Mark Simpson (founder) soon after, as he put up a post wanting some feedback on a logo he had designed. I chimed in, gave him a few pointers to consider and since then have had the pleasure of following his journey as a creative, content creator and business owner.

Since that time I've been witness to some amazing content, which to no surprise, garnered a lot of social media interest. Mark has a unique way of breaking down what's quite a complex job, into something that's easy to understand. Which makes what he does that more magical.

Mark merges cartography and drone technology to heal the environment. Using his drone skills he creates georeferenced maps that give detailed analysis of an area so you know exactly what's there, and how that environment has changed over time.

An example of this includes a bird breeding survey carried out for BTO Dataset over the course of a few months. Mark details "2391 bird observations were made using grid references, species codes, sex, life stages and observed behaviours".
Being a fan of Mark's work for such a long time, I wanted to help him out on his journey by pushing him in the right direction with a new logo. Taking inspiration from the old, aspects I knew he'd be a fan of, to create something that would pay homage to the outstanding work he does.

Thank you for viewing! If you'd like to check out other case-studies, or find out what I'm all about at PennaDSGN, you can do so here.