#SleepLikeLog | Dreams

Dreams is the UK’s number one bed retailer, so we were thrilled to partner with directors Adam & Dave from Arts & Sciences for an ambitious multi-platform campaign by Uncommon that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “sleeping like a log”. The campaign targets the UK’s nationwide sleep problem — caused by everything from smartphone addiction to simply not getting enough exercise — in hilarious fashion. Across a variety of media including TV, radio and digital, sleep expert and noted Dreams fan Log (an inanimate log, voiced by Hollywood icon John Goodman) reels off tips for a good night’s sleep from inside his local retail branch as well as his well-furnished home. Inspired by the traditional use of Muzak inside furniture stores, we penned a main musical theme for Log that gets right to the heart of his winning personality. In the launch film (above), rich woodwind and groovy bass kick things off in buoyant fashion, with the organic sounds of a snare beat and a warm clavinet complementing the gently humorous atmosphere. We then adapted this score for a series of fun vignettes, underpinning Log’s antics with a range of uplifting and melodic compositions.