• Graeme Worsfold

Branding development of Smarty - a MNVO mobile network for Three UK.

Mobile but more simple. And honest.

What happens when you get the blank sheet of paper? How do you feel when the rulebook gets casually tossed out of the window. Working on Smarty was a bit like that.

My role was to position and name an entire new mobile network brand. Ok then...

The first part of this was actually the easiest - our only guideline was to focus on the customer. What if we built a new mobile network starting with the things they really wanted? Sounds simple, right?

The research showed that many consumers in the market for a new mobile deal wanted something a bit fairer, a bit simpler and a lot better value. Basically: mobile done properly. So the whole experience needed to be personalised, easier to manage and be with - and whisper it - enjoyable. Which would be the smart thing to do (ting...there's the name!)

So, the final values and positioning for the brand was three fold:

Be simple - with great flexibility and value. Be smart - powered by clever technology. Be transparent - treat customers with honesty and care.

That's all customers really want - mobile done properly driven by values that are ones we aspire to as humans as much as brands.

It's a bold positioning - but it works. By having the smartest, most flexible experience, with the simplest propositions (like turning unused data into a discount for your next month) and new personalised digital interactions with the customer, Smarty is a winner right out of the blocks.


  • Strategic development.
  • Brand Positioning.
  • Naming.
  • Copywriting and design development.
  • Management of multi-channel stakeholders and suppliers.