• Andres Del Risco

A soft, minimalistic E-Commerce website focused on providing strong, cohesive branding and user experience for their millennial target audience. SnugHub is an online marketplace working with a number of partners, making it easier for parents across the country to discover the highest quality baby & toddler products. As a parent-owned company with a love for sustainability, and of course, baby & toddler safety, SnugHub aims to provide sustainable, non-toxic and organic products.

Snugub approached Foundry Digital ready with a brief to get started on their ideal brand and website. The Foundry Digital team were ready to take this in the right direction with a contemporary, millennial-focused approach. SnugHub required a logo, branding implementation, and great user experience to stand out from the competition. This included the implementation of the most appropriate E-commerce platform.
Foundry digital designers started on the creation of the logo, taking into consideration the desired direction of a “soft” and contemporary look. Aiming to stray away from ordinary and worn out designs, Foundry Digital designers subtly incorporated a reference to an expectant mother in the typography of the logo.

SnugHub required a soft aesthetic to allow their product imagery to speak for itself. Avoiding cliche colour palettes and pops of colour which often signify childcare, Foundry Digital presented an online space that conveyed high quality, organic products.

Excellent layout and structured information were essential to SnugHub’s vision. The website journey was crafted to have a minimalist approach, as exemplified by the navigation and the website structure. This assists users in navigating through the website without becoming overwhelmed.

Products needed to be presented with full information to ensure safety, Foundry Digital saw this as an opportunity to incorporate a clean and minimal design that included all necessary information in an easily digestible way.

WooCommerce was implemented into the WordPress backend, providing an easy solution to product and content management all in one space.
The result was a clean, minimalistic E-Commerce website focused on the millennial target audience. Providing strong, cohesive branding to support and work with the existing product imagery, as well as holding together the look and feel of a high-quality brand.