So, it's the endless scroll in paper form?

  • Fee Walter


Dissertations are useful documents for students to read, especially before they write their own. The brief was to typeset two given dissertations for this purpose.


Reading scanned documents online can be difficult to engage with, so this is a publication optimised for both encounters. Combining both page turning with scrolling with a concertina.
A Collection Of Minds is what I decided to call the publication as there was eleven different dissertations that would feature inside, all of which have very different topics. Starting with the screen-printed cover which introduces not only the contents, but also gives an insight into the structural flow of the book.
The publication folds out from being a book into a long concertina, which imitates the motion of an endless scroll of a website.
The research which informed the concept of the layout and orientation looked into the way we read. Personally I find it annoying that books aren't optimised for reading online and have become very used to the motions involved with reading articles instead.
Thumbnails of two fully typeset dissertations. Here you can see the body flexibly move in the grid to ensure that the last line of one paragraph lines up with the first line of a new one.