So, you're making a meal of it?

  • Fee Walter
Breakfast is known as one of the most important meals of the day, so it’s time there was a festival that celebrates it. The plan is that it would take place in West Sussex in SS21.


Introducing Brek Fest. My role in this collaborative project is to create the branding and visual language which can appeal to a variety of ages.

As breakfast is usually made up of simple ingredients, it was great to create a visual language out of this using only 3 shapes and limited colour palette.
As the event will take place in a market square, the logo-type also represents this and creates a stack, which is what most breakfast foods are. These are the early thoughts of what the posters could look like before the line-up is confirmed/released.
For the tickets, attendees will receive a set of cutlery that is attached as one until they 'brek' it apart.