Soapbox Press

  • Nicola Manuel
  • Victor Nambago
Welcome to Soapbox Press, an independent publishing company. I should really introduce Soapbox Press shouldn't I?
Whilst working through our final year we creation a platform for the creative voice, enjoying the thought processes behind art rather than the finished product.
Explore our blog, look at our publications, and see what services offered to creative practitioners, universities and creative institutes.
I was a Co-Founder, so online in charge of the Interviews, Visualisation and social media! In person a Production and Distribution Manager.
We got had set up an Instagram (763), Twitter (1085) and Facebook page (745).
We created four publications in total, from collaborating with designers, Shelving the Body to our first novel, which sold out on the opening night!
We also had an online presence: where I looked after the Interviews and Visualisation.
These shots (below) are in the following order: Gabriela Gesheva, Jake Hollings and Rhombus and Pineapple.
Visualisation - A mixture of a visual piece and the use of text closely linked.
The following visuals are by Lesley Imgart, Sophie Khan and Nora Bruno.
And we were in the process of designing a brand new website too...