Stories of Change

  • Dipo Kayode-Osi

A different world is possible, but we need to share stories of hope, courage and change to learn how we can get there. Through 10 voices, Stories of Change weaves together the perspectives of both people and the planet. It unites people fighting for a more interconnected future, from documentary photographers and filmmakers to grassroots activists and youth campaigners. Listen to stories that investigate how colonialism, racial justice, identity and indigenous knowledge intersect with global environmental efforts. Hear about the movements these people have seen and the transformations they hope to see. Feel inspired to discuss and reflect on how you, too, can use your voice to bring about positive change. Commissioned by Barbican Centre Featuring the inspiring voices of Sharona Shynader, Louis VI, Joycelyn Longdon, Yumna Al-Arashi, Leo Cerda, Arati Kumar-Rao, Hilda Flavia Nakabuye, Nathan Lawson, Carmen del Prado & Solomon Magomane. Special thanks to Buster Grey-Jung, Dear Future Children Film, She Changes Climate & Nicolas Daniel Glasbauer.

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