• David McGovern

Creativity plays a crucial role in exploring, defining and mapping our understanding of the future. So what happens when we can’t create? And how can we free ourselves from this anxiety-inducing state of being stuck?

Stuckness, directed by artist and film-maker David McGovern, aims to reframe how we see creative block and feelings of uncertainty. In its current iteration, the platform uses dance, performance and moving image. The work is a collaboration between University of the Arts London, choreographer Daisy Smith and performers from Central Saint Martins and London Studio Centre.

The collective wants us to see the potential beauty and usefulness in such moments of being stuck, and how in this emerging state we can embrace ambiguity and be experimental. As David says: ‘Getting stuck is a trigger from deep inside the psyche that forces us to stop, re-examine and draw on very deep creativity to move forward.’ Watch the films at

Creative Director: David McGovern Academic Lead: Graham Barton Choreographer: Daisy Smith Photographer: Mireia Deulofeu Music: Angus Kemp Illustrator: Sarahlee Madigan
Performers:  Rosamund Bullard, Melody Tamiz, Jamal George-Sharpe, Conor Kerrigan Adela Rajnovic, Katherine DiLill, Kinari Toyama, Liz Kirk-Channing, Paola Capuano