Studio Project X

Starting out in any career can be challenging, with this in mind 'Studio Project X' was developed and 40 emerging creatives were invited to participate in the project that gave them access to a professional photography studio, to develop their portfolios, hear from the best in the industry and meet other creatives. The event was named Studio Project X with ‘X’ being the project defined by each creative on the day. This1-Day event for emerging creatives interested in photography & modeling industry was organised as part of the D-Light Studios Residency Award. Recipients of the award were given full-day access to the studio.

The event ran from 12-5pm with different talks on the hour. We structured it this way to give creativity a break, avoid burn-out and to inform new ways of shooting between each session. Our concept was to set up a 'photography playground' so we installed different coloured backgrounds, set up props & studio lights and devised challenges to guide new perspectives.

Models & Photographers were briefed with recommendations on how to prepare, a moodboard for inspiration & what to expect.

Our event was organised on a small budget, with fashion sunglasses kindly lent to us by Brand258. All equipment and other props were community sourced. Snacks & refreshments were provided.
Event Photos above shot on film & edited by Niko Salvino.
Photos below by Zie.
We collaborated with local creatives such as illustrators, artists, photographers and set designers.
This included an installation by Viv Quinn (see below) and a projector room featuring work from: Sophia Vigne, David Kennedy , Grace Enemaku, Dara Kenny, Mark Finn, Emma O'Regan Reidy & XtraShot.
We invited speakers to give talks on various themes at intervals throughout the day
Storytelling & Analog Photography, Ronan Hennigan, Nest Mag
Digital Photography & Post Production: 5 projects & 5 learnings, Steven Piece
Portraiture Workshop, with professional dancer Genevieve Callander run by Mark Hill & Donal Healy
Event & Festival Photography, Niko Salvino in conversation with Ruth Medjber from Ruthless Imagery
photos above shot by attendees, collated by S.O.D & featured on Instagram

Prompts/Challenges List sent to creatives

Natural light
Harness the natural light around you. Walkthrough D-light studios and scout areas with interesting light from a natural source that can change the mood & atmosphere of your photo.

Artificial light
Consider how can you can create contrast, drama or impact by controlling a light source? In the projector
room consider how the visual context changes the message.

Elevate your shots by changing up your angles or the height that you shoot from. Consider stepping up or
laying down, cropping or shooting wide. Changing up your perspective can add a dynamic element to your

Use all your photography knowledge and get creative. Pick up some unusual props, seek out an interesting
area or use the furniture available within the studio and have some fun!

This is important in the creative industry. Approach some new people also attending the event & involve them
in your shoot. Do a group portrait. Visit the installation or projector room featuring work from local creatives.
The Results
Strategic Event Structure
6 diverse perspectives, challenges + presentation formats
3000+ impressions across Instagram
48 new connections made
A wealth of new portfolio work created by attendees
Event Organised + Art Directed by the team at S.O.D & Zie

Video production & branding by Zie featuring work from participants in order:
Zie, Jessie De Boe, Ronan Hennigan, Niko Salvino. Music produced by Noah Skelton.

A big thank you to our support team: Jessie De Boe, Niko Salvino, Johnny Kelly & Josh Fitzpatrick Couzy.

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