Summing up our #Cannes See it Be it Do it - top tips and pledges so far on LBB

  • Ali Hanan

LBB picked up on Creative Equals out and about in Cannes challenging creative leaders to put add their pledge and 'Do' diversity.

With over 50 - and still growing - it's a source of inspiration of you're wondering how to turn well-meaning intentions into actions.
LBB took up the charge and spread the word — highlighting 10 of the key actions submitted so far.
Here’s a taster of the top 5 but check out the full article here1. Invest in Unconscious Bias training 
Andrew Keller, Facebook’s Global Chief Creative Officer, claims that every senior leader at Facebook receives this vital training, sensitising them to the ways in which people are often unconsciously biased towards female co-workers.2. Put female teams in charge of recruiting 
Kate Stanners, Global Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi says: “I put a female team in charge of junior creative recruitment and the change of young women making themselves available to us was amazing. The change in the department was overnight.”3. Ensure flexible working options for parents
Michael Islip, CEO UK, DigitasLBi, says, “We created term-time contracts for working parents,” a UK advertising industry first. While Nicki Bullard, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, MRM Meteorite, underlines the need for child-care support: “For parents who need to stay late at the last minute on a pitch or a piece of client work, we’re thinking of offering an emergency childcare service.”4. Be mindful of the need to create split gender juries, panels and events.
Susan Credle, Global CCO, FCB said: “When I put together a jury I try to make sure it is a 50/50 split. When I am asked to do panels or events I request that they are also 50/50.”5. Create an internal female leadership programme.
Matt Lodder, SVP EMEA MD, R/GA London commented: “We formed ‘Women Up’ to inspire and empower future female leaders in our business.” The aim of the group is to provide clear pathways to leadership roles.

So what’s your agency’s ‘do’? The tumblr is still open and growing. Submit your ONE do or your pledge to

Published 12/07/2016 by Creative Equals