Swarm Studies

LEDs, polished brass rods, custom circuit boards, custom driver software and hard ware, behavioural algorithm, sound / motion sensors, computer & interface

3 cubes of 810 x 810 mm
Edition of 8 + 4 AP
Carpenters Workshop Gallery

rAndom’s ‘Swarm’ works translate patterns of collective behaviour found in nature into moving light.
The first exploration of this kind, ‘Swarm Light’ emulates the behaviour of a group of birds. The sound created by visitors’ presence stimulates the installation’s ‘collective consciousness’, causing the abundant individual lights to respond in swarm-like formations.
The viewer is invited into a responsive relationship with the work itself and its surrounding sphere; as the installation reacts to the sound of its onlookers and the illuminated swarm animates the space.

Team Credits

Tom Metcalfe

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Tom Metcalfe