Taking over the IG for one week for Original Magazine

  • Charlotte Cox @transforumtheatrecompany @tallulahschnauzer
  • Michael Morgan
  • Emily Morgan

As a Theatre Director and Play Wright, I was encouraged to take over the IG for Original Magazine, a fashion and photography magazine. This was a completely new form of work for me both frightening and exciting. I'm not an expert on uploading voice recordings, photography and even, modelling! I highly recommend everyone of you to take risks when it becomes something you wished for, only held yourself back for fear of failing...basically think to yourself, 'so what?' You, Me, We all have the right to play and be whom we want to be without blocking ourselves or being blocked! If I can do it anyone can! With special thanks to all my actors especially Jordan Reece-Skinner @reeceskinner27 my friend @Shogomedia, Amy Sandes, friend and makeup artist, my daughter Natasha Cox and the founders of Original Magazine, Emily and Michael Morgan, not forgetting The Dots who advertised this wonderful opportunity,