Tapestry Research Rebranding

  • Katie Killip
  • Teresa Fryxell
  • Oscar Barany

Tapestry Research is an industry leading marketing research company based in London, New York and Austin, producing thought provoking research studies on behalf of clients such as Viacom, Disney, Dove and the Body Shop. They decided it was time to rebrand for 2019 and asked us to develop their aesthetic and create a toolkit the team could work with to produce their own high quality documents in-house in various Microsoft packages. Tapestry employ the latest thinking and technology to design surveys, analyse and model data, and then relay that information through storytelling and design to provide a clear path for marketing teams and organisations. Their output will inevitably need to feature statistics and diagrams, but they understand that those numbers represent people who have lives, loves, fears and aspirations. For these reasons they came to us with the brand statement “Making the complex beautifully simple.” which became the basis for our design thinking. Starting with a brand visioning workshop, together we assessed the current logo and brand against the statement, and from this agreed on a unified brief. By coupling photography that focusses on real moments and real people at their imperfectly best with diagrammatic shapes extracted from the evolved logo type we managed to find that balance. We selected fonts that are intriguing, personable, clean and assured to match the tone of the team behind the brand. The bright colour palette has echoes of the original brand and gives the team the flexibility in colour they need in order to produce high quality reports that cover an often wide subject base. DELIVERABLES: • Logo evolution • Branding • Photographic selection and direction • Stationery • PowerPoint presentations and template • Promotional postcards • Website art direction (provided by partner) • Logo animation art direction (provided by partner)