Tech Week at Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague (KABK) Netherlands

  • Jazmin Mya Morris

Tech week runs once a year at KABK. Students from the university sign up to one of eight workshops delivered by creative technologists, collectives and start-ups. In January 2020, I delivered a workshop for 25 students. Workshop outline: Jazmin works between the intersection of conceptual arts and technology. Participants will uncover innovative ways to explore cultural and political theory through gaming as a medium. The workshop will guide the participants through different ways of creatively approaching gaming, such as Cosplay, Text-Based gaming, Assets, Avatars and Virtual Reality. Using open-source software partakers of the workshop will learn basic coding and 3D skills as well as decision making and narrative processes. Participants will shift between real-world experiences and digitally simulated worlds, working both independently and collaboratively throughout the course of the workshop.