The Architects Underground - A new multidisciplinary event project by RIBA

  • Aura Popa

Wednesday evenings are anything but standard at The Architects Underground where arts, culture, film, music and performance seamlessly collide. From exclusive jazz concerts live broadcasted on BBC Radio 3, to Bauhaus extravaganzas and mind-blowing trips to Mars, this is the place where people come to socialize and shed light on new ideas, inspirations and different ways of life. I led the marketing campaigns for 3 sold-out events (350 attendees): - Special Jazz Party (live concert broadcast in collaboration with the London Jazz Festival and BBC Radio 3) - Bauhaus Special (celebrating the Bauhaus Centenary with Weimar Cabaret, Flora McLean, Suggs etc) - How to Build a Time Machine (tech series in collaboration with Epic Games/Fortnite).