The best animation apps for Android

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Almost everyone wanted to try to create cartoons, animated videos and more. We are used to the fact that this requires the most complex PC programs. But it's not. There are applications for creating animation on Android smartphones.

Of course, a mobile device does not have such capacities as a PC. But creating a simple cartoon or animated video is also possible on such devices. Often, the process is simpler than what is used when using a computer.

An animation application must meet certain criteria. First, it should be fairly simple. After all, beginners will work with him. Secondly, it is not desirable to use all the power of a smartphone to create animation. After all, he needs to leave resources for the operation of other applications and systems.

There are quite a few programs on Google Play that can create simple cartoons. However, not all of them are suitable for beginners. Moreover, not all of them will give the expected result. Therefore, we have collected in this material exactly those programs that do their job well.

A free animation app that can create 6-second custom GIFs. Creating a full-fledged cartoon here will not work. But the program can be used as an intro maker for various videos.

Built-in tools allow you to add text to the animation (there are various fonts), effects, filters, and more. Text can also be animated. There are a large number of ready-made templates. But there is also the possibility of manual settings.

Synchronization with various social networks is provided so that you can share your creation. A slow-motion video can be used as a background in a project. That will be much more interesting.

The interface of the program is quite simple. However, there is no Russian language. In addition, some tools are blocked. To use them, you will need to purchase a paid version of the application. If you do this, the ads will also disappear.

A very well-known tool for creating short animations. It allows you to draw a video from scratch. To do this, there are all the necessary tools. Moreover, the produced visual content corresponds to professional quality (which is important).

A significant disadvantage of the application is that in order to create a more or less interesting video, you will have to study the complete tools and methods of working with the program for a long time. But the good thing is that the product comes with extensive reference material.

There are ready-made templates that are used in most cases. Some of them are quite impressive. There are also special filters and effects that can give the video a really interesting look.

The app itself is free. However, it contains some features that must be unlocked by purchasing a paid subscription. The product is well optimized and is able to work well even on relatively weak smartphones.

It is better to purchase the paid version of this application, since it provides a complete set of tools. This is a real combine for creating full-fledged cartoons. And the result is quite impressive.

The program includes a rich toolkit for drawing characters and other elements of the future video. There is also a unique (and very useful) feature that allows you to view the created movie a few frames ahead.

Supports full-fledged work with layers and the option of creating a new frame by modifying the previous one. The finished material can be exported to After Effects or other similar application and continue to work at a professional level.

The interface is quite complicated for beginners. And there is no Russian language. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to familiarize yourself with the program. But with its help it will be possible to create a real masterpiece. And on a regular smartphone.

An excellent application designed for drawing and subsequent animation. It has a very wide range of features and is suitable for both beginners and advanced artists. The interface resembles a regular desktop with a sheet of paper. Therefore, it can be considered very simple.

The program has almost all the tools necessary for the artist. At the same time, styluses (like Samsung Pen) are supported. This makes it easier to create content. The product includes a good set of filters and various effects.

An intuitive animation scale will allow you to quickly create a simple video from ready-made drawings. Also, the user can draw a whole cartoon. The program fully supports adding an audio path to the created video.

The product itself is free, but it has a lot of ads. In addition, for the normal operation of the application, a productive device is required (something like modern flagships). Otherwise, the animation process can take hours.

A powerful product designed primarily for Android tablets. It allows you to create full-fledged cartoons from scratch and has an interface that is very similar to the shell of professional programs for creating animation content.

Built-in tools allow you to create a simple but effective picture. The user can add effects, apply various filters and add text. It also supports 4 frame rate modes for finer customization.

A convenient built-in editor and a quality scale make the process of creating a cartoon quite simple. You can also add audio and even completely customize your workspace.

The program itself is free. But be aware that it has a lot of ads. Therefore, you can fully work only if you turn off the Internet. Is there Russian language. But its implementation leaves much to be desired: the translation is of very poor quality.

In modern realities, creating your own cartoon is not particularly difficult. Some mobile applications allow you to do this even on a smartphone. But it is better if your device is powerful enough. Creating such content requires a fairly high performance. All options for animation applications can be viewed here

However, many programs in our top are well optimized to work even on weak smartphones. The phone easily turns into a kind of studio. Choose the product that you like and start creating animation masterpieces.