The Clean Edit - IG takeover

  • Ronald Olaibi

As mid-weight content creator for Unilever U-studio Homecare hub, I was part of the team tasked with taking over the @TheCleanEdit instagram channel, and launching a limited-edition platform inspired by the new winter range - Winter Warmth. ​​​​​​​ We started with a 9 grid take over to split the page and signify the start of something new

The Page went from this
To this
We then teased the new content by attending and building content around the 'Clean and Tidy Home Show' expo, where the range was seen for the first time and various influencers could interact with it ​​​​​​​

Content shot and edited by me.
This then led to the purpose post:
and the unveiling of a partnership with 'Shelter Uk' - a registered charity that campaigns for tenant rights in Great Britain. It gives advice, information and advocacy to people and lobbyies government and local authorities for new laws and policies.
In this takeover we wanted to emphasis to be on 'taking time' and 'enjoy cosy moments' - to further achieve this i created a series of 'Calm Posts' that focused on the elements and sounds and through the use of copy encouraged users to take some time out.
in conjunction with this we also posted product stills in seasonal settings
and reels from Influencers and our channels with the product in use:
As well as interactive polls which I then created further content from:
I then created a closing reel - which saw the highest engagement:
This activity was all organic and it led to an increase in followers by 6k in 6 weeks.