The Future of Community: Facilitation Not Appropriation book and event series

  • Samantha Fox

I managed 'The Future of Community' book and event series London launch in January 2020.

To celebrate the launch of our new white paper ’The Future of Community’, we hosted panel discussion at Ennismore Sessions House in January 2020, with speakers including Poonam Dhuffer, Founder at YSM8 Tara Scott Head of Community at Moody Month, Rhodri Evans, Brand Content Director at Levi Strauss & Co, Philippa Wagner, Director of Insights and Innovation at 23Lab Ennismore, and moderator Andrea Kurland, Editorial Director at Huck Magazine.

Last year, our Future of Brand Activism series created important and challenging conversations around brand responsibility with marketers and brand leaders in London, New York, Amsterdam, and Cannes Lions. For 2020 we wanted to move the topic on and explore something that is very close to our hearts, and that Huck has championed for the past 15 years - the power and importance of community. We spoke about the need to create legacies for communities beyond one-time activations, the importance of brands being honest and authentic with their intentions in working with preexisting communities, and much more.

For this project, I co-authored the report 'Future of Community: Facilitation not Approriation' with TCOLab founder Helen Job, which included invterviewing contributors. I also coordinated the London launch panel event: managing panellists, online event promotion, and overseeing 70+ event atendees, comprising CMOs and senior marketeers from global brands.

All photos by Theo McInnes.