The Hour

  • Mark Janes
  • Fred Reid

The Hour = one hour offline experiences designed to unlock magic in the office, develop leaders + transform the productivity of the business as a whole. We see ourselves as pioneering the future of work. The Hour was conceptualised on a whiteboard in January 2019. Fred (co-founder) + I took inspiration from the Hero's Journey + Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies to develop a pilot, which we tested, made adjustments + developed further. We worked with Burberry designer Oliver Jackson to craft our brand. Using a creative advertising approach, we got in the room with HR Directors at ITV + Endemol Shine UK and successfully sold The Hour to cohorts within the business; the former was a development team at ITV Studios + latter was across multiple business functions. The engagement was profound for an employee engagement initiative - overall 75% of Hours delivered were completed. We moved the dial on wellbeing + creative thinking within the office. The next steps are focussed on further product development, scaling + selling. This has not just required creative + copywriting skills, but also a firm grasp on costs, logistics, delivery experience, user experience. The Hour has been endorsed by creative directors, industry leaders, global CEO's and employees wanting to unlock their potential + discover new ways to work.