The Illusion of Separation

  • Sonia Bhamra

The greatest illusion in this world is the illusion of separation and is ultimately the cause of the negative human impact we continue to have on our planet. In this series I am researching ancient wisdom from Sikh and Hindu theology to address these contemporary issues, such as the way we live, consume and act. The Goddess Maya means illusion, that which is temporary and is the one who blinds everything in illusion, but at the same time, she’s the one who shows the truth. She’s the source of all illusions, stating that we view life through a series of distorting veils that prevent us from seeing "actual reality" I am interested in exploring these veils of Maya (an illusion) where we consider our separateness from our environment and the universe as absolute. The problem lies with us and our own consciousness, we continue to deplete and destroy the very nature that we are so intrinsically a part of. Humankind is but one thread within the web of life so whatever we do to that web, we do to ourselves. All things are connected and all things are bound together. We are one of the many shapes nature has taken but Maya, the veil of illusion masks the truth of our reality. We need to address this disconnectedness and the damaging impact the human species is having on Earth. We need to evolve past this illusion and our dominance over this planet in order to be beneficial to the whole.