The kindness practice

Thanks a lot to @PipJamieson for the webinar yesterday. My top takeaway from it was that The Dots algorithm is created around kindness and support. This is the antithesis of social networks as we've known them and I absolutely adore it, and wish I'd known about it sooner. Because that's how I try to live my entire life. Every day. One example: The founder of Lucky Generals, Andy Nairn was giving out free Audible versions of his book Go Luck Yourself to the first 10 people who tweeted @ him. I was one of them, but because of geographical restrictions it didn't quite work out. So he mailed me a signed copy instead! I was touched. And then I found out that he was donating the royalties of the book to working class creatives trying to break into advertising. As someone who'd struggled in the early stages of my career, the thought of receiving any sort of support from anyone was simultaneously inspiring and moving. So I decided to return the favour and took on something I called 365 Days of Luck where I tweet at least once a day about the book for... you guessed it...365 days. Today was Day 172. It doesn't take a lot to practice kindness. Andy's doing his version of it. I'm doing mine. Look around you, connect with the people you see and pitch in where you think you could be of some use. That's all it really takes. Before I go... Welcome to all my new followers/connections. I'm an ACD, Copywriter, looking for meaningful work with brands and charities that genuinely live their social purpose. I'm happy to spare some time pro bono to people and causes that are important to me: gender equality/LGBTQ issues/the environment/climate change/sustainable living/ethical business/the arts/mental health. If I can support someone when they need it, I'd be only too happy. Let's try to make the world kinder, one tiny act after another. LFG. H. x P.S. Didn't know how to do a long post, so just went ahead and did this. Apologies for my non-existent etiquette.