The Loiners of Leeds

Brief from Elmwood:
‘The Year is 2026. The high street is dead. Amazon dash has been implemented in every house across ever product. Products are automatically ordered as soon as they are finished. Online shopping has eliminated the need to ever leave the house. Your task is to create a brand for a book shop that can adapt to life in 2026.

‘The Loiners of Leeds’ is a series of pop-up bookshops that exist in & around the Leeds urban area. The pop-up shops work on two month month cycles, spending two months in one location and then moving to the next. The idea being that it takes one full year on the dot to cover all six locations around the Leeds area. The pop-up shops aim to try and encourage boys & girls between the ages of 10-16 to engage with & enjoy literature, thus promoting the idea of a specialised bookshop in a world where people have no need to leave the house. The graphic solutions consist of a poster series, 6 in total, one representing each targeted area, and a booklet that serves to promote the pop-up shops.


Nicholas Naughton-Rumbo

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