The museum of accents

  • Liisa Roll

Audio installation - Accents as a way of communicating heritage

This project was inspired by my own experiences with accents. I am from Estonia, however I do not have a stereotypical estonian accent. This has lead to some confusion when meeting people with describing where I am from and how I developed a strange mix of English-American-Irish accents.
I am also inspired by understanding others. I wanted to know what people thought about their own accents.
Overall I gathered around 30 interviews from different people, in my interviews I asked people about what they thought about their accent, how they think it affects how they are perceived by others and if they would change their accent if they could.
I decided to re-use wood that was previously used in an exhibition before, so I spent a lot of time on taking out nails and filling holes. After this the process went smoothly, I have always enjoyed working in the wood workshop. I like making things with my hands. 
I created this audio installation as part of my self directed project. I created four plinths of three different heights, each of them houses a small shelf inside of them for a music player and a small speaker. Each of the speakers plays 3-4 interviews on a loop.