The Open Discussion - Music

  • Ellen Rose
  • Jo Sharff

Our new series ‘The Open Discussion’ will focus on a different industry each week. We will be joined by leading voices who will discuss the changing landscape of their industry, what inspiring initiatives have been born from this crisis and what the future could look like. Continuing our 'Open Discussion' series, this week we look at the music industry. With no traditional music gigs on the horizon for the foreseeable future, what are labels, artists and brands doing to deal with the changing landscape. Asking all the right questions will be the head of the ILMC, Greg Parmley. Sitting alongside himon the panel will be the world-famous DJ Yoda, artist manager Sumit Bothra, head of contemporary music at the Southbank, Bengi Ünsal and the Director of Live Licensing at Beggars Group, Ruth Barlow.


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