The Oval

  • Nacho Rivera

On 5 March 1870, the first-ever international football match was played, England against Scotland. It was organised by The Football Association and resulted in a 1–1 draw. On this day the seed was planted for football to become the most popular game in the entire world, capable of creating intense feelings, and driving people crazy. The match took place in London, in a venue called “The Oval”. But football is more than just a mainstream sport, I experience football as a universal language, that unites people from different cultures all over the world in spite of their race, age, sex, language or religion. "The Oval" photography project was inspired by this idea, and has been created as a visual metaphor against intolerance, racism and the lack of empathy that is sadly rising all over the world. Showing that in every corner of the planet we can recognise ourselves playing the same game, feeling the same emotions.