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Future Insights | Storytelling | Content Creation | Production | Ideation | Casting | Transformation | Innovation | Tech4Good | Profit4Good | Value Placement | Communication Design | Sound Design | Relational Framing | Neuroscience | CQ™ | BoxPlay | RedefiningLearning | ReImaginingStorytelling | Edutainment “In the industrial revolutions of the modern age, there were a handful of visionaries that carved the reality we inhabit today, speculating about future possibilities. Today, there are many of us ー collaboration with smart technologies has made us sharper and more capable. We know that there are big changes to come so we need to be mindful of what each innovation brings.”

BoxMedia created, wrote, produced and directed The Pledge as part of a ‘Shaping the Future’ Program Accenture runs for business leaders. As the world enters the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the ‘Shaping the Future’ program provides research and thought leadership, highlighting opportunities for forward-thinking business leaders around the world.
“Today, influencers, policymakers, and business leaders must ask questions. There is no excuse. We live in a world where information is available at our fingertips. No matter our political beliefs, we must align on scientific data and process, and it is our responsibility to think through product planning and the life span of that product, its supply chain, and the product’s overall lasting effects for humanity and our planet.  In addition, any consumer today can also ask more questions around the ethics of a product  … and they are.”
- Clare Stewart Munn - CEO, BoxMedia

Relational Framing | CQ™

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At BoxMedia, we are harnessing the power of relational frames to create micro-learning with depth, precision, and focus on insights and storytelling. Our in-house writers, communication intelligence experts, and neuroscientists use storytelling to build links between the desired learning points and real life. Today, everyone consumes enormous quantities of information. Relatable content makes it easier for people to absorb and understand complicated ideas and insights. This is called Relational Framing.
BoxMedia produced The Pledge at a time the world was beginning to hear many younger voices asking adults to please be more thoughtful. It was serendipitous that BoxMedia used the voice of an 11 year old girl. As part of BoxMedia’s ethics, sincerity is a core aspect of all productions. The voice talent has been an activist since she learned to walk. You can hear both her passion, sincerity and determination. Her voice and the imagery, coupled with the words provide an instant relational framework for any listener. There is no blame in the writing. There is hope and confidence that leaders will do a better job going forward.
“This is an unsettling, even fearful time for many. Yet with great disruption comes immense creative opportunity. The breaking down of systems gives us a vast blank canvas to re-imagine a world where the goals of people, planet, business and government are aligned. One where consequences are considered and value is shared. When we think about the kind of future we want to create, we have to be more than smart. We have to be wise. We have to be inclusive, responsible and mindful.”
“We have an opportunity to be insightful, integral and brave. Let us actively demonstrate that we have sought out innovations that support ethics and human-centric values, which both anchor and help shape a preferred future. Let us reflect and gain insight from history so that we do not repeat our past mistakes.”
“With the collaborative ecosystems we create, we can help shape a future in which technology and innovation serve human needs, not the other way round. And of this, our model for the preferred future lays the foundation for a responsible future that benefits humanity for a thousand years.”
At BoxMedia, we seek out projects that push the barriers around innovation and critical thinking, communication design, creativity and quality. We work with top talent across all our disciplines. After all, creating paradigm shifts is not easy and certainly not done by one brain. It’s the collective and collaborative process that eliminates mediocrity and paves the way for impact.  As per all our productions, we add our value placement throughout as we believe we can all strive to be more thoughtful as we adapt our business models.

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