The Process Series | #1 The Bale Counter

  • Steve Jurado - Envol Studio

With retail and experiential sectors facing increased pressure to reestablish its values, creative studios are in a position to help drive a new sense of purpose and design thinking. Sustainability, transparency and circularity have long been buzzwords that have sat within retail strategise, yet it's the next few years that must see these become executed in a way that drives us into the future. Envol Studio's Process Series takes a look at how we can capitalise on existing processes within the recycling circle, finding functional yet beautiful ways to reimagine store furniture. This first design looks at product display furniture. When clothes are recycled, they are first sorted into colours before being compressed in a clothing chamber. This compressing process forms the base of counters design. The addition of a sling made from Cupro (a waste part of the plant) encases the garments, resulting a colour blocked geometric shape. As the bales are tied and finished, it creates a sumptuous quilted look and results in a sturdy base for the counter. For the counter tops, we looked at Smile Plastics Alba range made from recycled yogurt pots. In conclusion: We believe that by forging improved relationships with recycling plants, we can oversee and elevate existing production processes. This not only helps brands work towards circularity within their own processes, but it starts to reimagine what good design can be in todays, future forward world.