The Queens Gambit - Quotes & Styles® V3

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  • Tobi Laniyan
  • Daryl Okene
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  • Clara Milnes
  • Imogen Porter

The Queen's Gambit is an opening move, a move that is daring, a move that is positive, a move that is fun, a move that shows style, a move that breaks the rules, a move that believes there are no rules, a move that's beautiful, a move to show the world, a move that's brave, a move that has a story to tell, a move that has a quote to share. Mia Quote: “Is it better to speak or to die?” Daryl Quote: “Life is about slowly chipping away at the things that take away my freedom” Editorial: The Queens Gambit Model: Daryl Okene Model: Mia Caven Art Director: Tobi Laniyan Videographer: Raphael Aigbehinmua Video Editor: Tobi Laniyan Photographer: Tobi Laniyan Makeup Artist: Clara Milnes Fashion: Naya Rea (Mia Caven) Fashion: Underground England (Daryl Okene) Stylist: Imogen Porter Set Designer: Anna Niamh Gorman Music: Stubborn by Channel Pausa Studio: Too Young Too Simple Camera Rental: C5M Studio, Amy Stoparczyk & Raphael Aigbehinmua Brand: Quotes & Styles® If your interested in being part of the next editorial then make sure to follow @quotesxstyles. The only place | WE PUT THE CREDITS AT THE START AND NOT JUST THE END | Copyright © Quotes & Styles® Tobi Laniyan All Rights Reserved. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of this content without the written permission of Quotes & Styles is strictly prohibited.