The Rat Race

  • Cassandra Kyeyune
The Rat Race is you and I.

It is the familiar path we walk every morning,

forgetting to

breathe in the sunrise

we wake,

we wash,

we run,

we bump,

wee’z be sweatin',

sweatin' just to reach these barriers

barriers that open us up into cages.
The Rat Race is a short film that takes inspiration from Tupac's poem 'The Rose that grew from Concrete'. Born from filmmaker Cassandra Kyeyune's personal experience of loss the film takes a closer look at the life of an ordinary Londoner as she makes her regular commute to work in the city.
By juxtaposing her surreal imagination with her banal surroundings 'The Rat Race' offers a fresh new perspective on the monotonous and draining daily grind that so many of us experience and ultimately celebrates the lives of all those who have risen from adversity.