The School of UX

  • Sergei Golubev

Launched The School of UX in London back in 2016 to help anyone learn design through short, practical and affordable courses. Recognised as “Top 50 Best Alternative UX Design Programs".
I came to the UK from Estonia 15 years ago in search of career prospects. Three years (and thousands of pounds in fees) later I have completed computer science degree (hooray!) and realised that sadly much of the academic curriculum wasn't relevant to what actual industry and employers were expecting from new hires (*sigh*). It was only thanks to my proactive freelancing and numerous side projects with fellow teammates, that I've gained experience, which significantly helped me start my career. I wondered if there are other ways. People who want to progress in their career in creative industry of software design have to take a loan and quit job to take lengthy and costly degrees and courses taught by academics or alumni without real-industry experience – that's what I'm keen to change. Having then worked with Microsoft, Heathrow, British Gas, fintech companies and various startups, I've decided to share my knowledge with aspiring designers and started The School of UX in London — bringing accessible and affordable education in User Experience design to everyone – short and reasonably priced UX and UI workshops with career advice run by professionals. I've been often asked how my startup compares to other institutions on the market (and there are quite a few, which launched since then) — any education is great and it’s up to you to pick the right one for you.

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  • How it compares to Udemy, Lynda, Coursera and other online UX courses:,
  • And finally how it compares to Master degrees and UX diplomas at universities: