The Signal

  • Georgiana Ashworth

"Covid-19 have been challenging to navigate for many. During this time, The Photographers’ Gallery’s flagship youth careers programme, Develop, went online to work with and support 14 to 24-year-olds’ creativity and connectedness. The Develop at Home online programme includes monthly check-ins, talks and workshops, portfolio reviews and commissioned writing. The Develop at Home exhibition, shown on the gallery windows, featured work by ten artists taking part in the online programme. From self-portraiture to digital collage, documentary to fine art, it touches on themes of community, freedom and place. Showcasing a broad range of practices, the exhibition celebrates the creativity of a group of young people within the confines of home."- Taken from The Photographers Gallery website ( 'The Signal' was led and curated by artist Ibrahim Azab. Creating abstract pieces of art using images from our phone galleries, as each person has an abundance of images, screenshots etc stored on their devices and using these to create and inform new and interesting collages.

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