The Switch

  • Alexander Preece
  • Jacinta Szuman

New Ofcom regulations make switching mobile provider quick and easy. To encourage people to switch to Three, we enlisted the help of five-times married Dame Joan Collins to advise users not to settle for something they don’t want. Just ditch and switch darling.

The social campaign sees the famously entertaining and devastatingly sharp actress, who is famed for not settling for second best, drawing on her dating experience to encourage viewers to take control and not stay in an unsatisfactory relationship.
The Golden Globe star is seen living the high life on-board a yacht in sunny St Tropez, with playful nods towards the benefits of choosing ‘the one’, before she turns to the camera to say: “I’ve never settled for anyone or anything which didn’t float my boat… It’s now easier than ever to switch. So darling if they’re not satisfying you, then just... ghost them. So, take control - ditch and switch to Three.”


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