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Future Insights | Storytelling | Content Creation | Production | Ideation | Casting Transformation | Innovation |Tech4Good | Profit4Good |Value Placement | Communication Design Sound Design | Relational Framing | Neuroscience | CQ™ | BoxPlay | Edutainment Find out more on: The world of work is changing, fast. Most corporations have outdated systems that are ill-equipped both to serve their workforce and to tap into the new world of human-machine collaboration. BoxMedia created The Watts short series to help visualise what the future may look like in both workplaces and homes. For Season 1, Box worked with Accenture Labs as part of their ‘Shaping the Future’ Program. The Watts Season 1 is created to provide innovative customers in manufacturing with a visual framework of how to remain both relevant and impactful over the next 15 years. It is a mini episodic visualisation of what 2035 could look like for CEO/CIO/CTOs and their businesses as they replace legacy systems with new ones. Season 2 will concentrate on supply chain systems and data analysis, and Season 3 on Cybersecurity.

“With the emergence of a younger generation and the rise of the independent worker, companies must rethink their approach to talent and begin to prioritise the “individual. They must provide a new mechanism for learning – one that can adapt to the needs of a changing workforce and align closely to organisational objectives and culture.”
- Harvard Business Review​​​​​​​

Relational Framing | CQ™

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At BoxMedia, we are harnessing the power of relational frames to create micro-learning with depth, precision, and focus on insights and storytelling. Our in-house writers, communication intelligence experts, and neuroscientists use storytelling to build links between the desired learning points and real life. Today, everyone consumes enormous quantities of information. Relatable content makes it easier for people to absorb and understand complicated ideas and insights. This is called Relational Framing.
When creating The Watts and the characters we used a vast amount of research to inform our creative process. As well as the episodes, the viewer can also dive more deeply into well-designed documents to learn more and of course, the future programs and expertise of consultants will provide the roadmap for transformation.

Humans + Machines

Smart, connected products, enabled by situational and emotional sensors, will communicate with AI-enabled systems to achieve customers’ outcomes. Where customer service was once reactive and episodic, it will become proactive and seamless. Where it was once one department in an organisation, it will become a part of everything an organisation does.
In The Watts, we meet characters that are not human. Henri, Pouffe, Rock and Bikey form one integrated intelligence and experience system. This complex network of data works with a Human Customer Service Maestro to quickly adapt to your needs.

Meet the Characters

The Watts will take us on journeys to understand the Future of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Data Analytics, Product Design, Operations, Health, Energy and Education.

Episode 1: Adapt - Work@Work

Preface: Adapt, the world’s largest optimized office design company, just won the platinum award for service and the team is being interviewed by a news crew. The CEO, Caroline Suh, explains how they have transformed, and the thinking behind their model to become the best in the business. It's 2035 and we are well into the industrial revolution. Humans, machines, and nature are working seamlessly together.
Imagine receiving a meeting reminder on your toast... Anything could happen in the future of work!

Episode 2: xTend - Work@Home

Preface: Claire Watts, a global AI legend, is being interviewed by a sports news network because she’s primed to win the longevity Tour de France eRace. Her extraordinary fitness is taken care of by xTend - a world leader in wellness services. One of xTend’s Human Service Maestros, Amy Mapenda, explains why her company has been so good at looking after Claire.
At BoxMedia we seek out projects that push the barriers around innovation and critical thinking, communication design, creativity and quality. We work with top talent across all our disciplines. After all, creating paradigm shifts is not easy and certainly not done by one brain. It’s the collective and collaborative process that eliminates mediocrity and paves the way for impact. As per all our productions, we add our value placement throughout as we believe we can all strive to be more thoughtful as we adapt our own business models.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this project possible. We look forward to sharing with you all our next adventures.

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