This Fabric World

  • Em Green

A reflection of the world we live in today, ‘This Fabric World’ puts a spotlight on the irreversible repercussions of the ‘take, make, waste‘ approach to fashion, and how the ideas of designers can help to prevent further damage to our planet.

The discovery of mass clothes production in the Fabric World is exciting at first; the people of the planet are happy with a new way to express themselves. But as soon as a pair of jeans won't fit, or the colour isn't quite right, the inhabitants do what we do - they throw their clothes away. Just like in our world, the clothes are taken from the ground, using valuable resources, materials and energy. The exponential increase in waste and dwindling finite resources soon leads to disastrous consequences...

A response to the 2019/20 RSA Student Design Award's Moving Pictures brief, and with visual influences like Media Molecule's Little Big Planet, This Fabric World aims to demonstrate the effects of the 'take, make, waste' cycle through accessible, story focussed visuals.
A quilt made up entirely of recycled fabric collected from friends and second hand clothes stores was created for the backgrounds of the final film. It supports the end of the ‘take, make, waste’ cycle by demonstrating a method of repurposing old clothes to become something new. With the leftover fabric from the quilt, a concept art book detailing the development of the animation was created in order to eliminate waste and bring further attention to the film and its core message.