• Sarah Mann

I’m gonna come clean. I’ve been struggling with writing emails and documents on my laptop while in lockdown. It’s hard to be accurate when the words just keep moving around the screen. I did a bit of research into fonts. I’d heard rumours that Comic Sans could help the haloed and hoovering letters I experience in written documents, even if it is the world’s ugliest lettering. Then I came across OpenDyslexic - a graphic font designed specifically to deal with the challenges of dyslexia. IT HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER. I’m leaving it here for anyone else who’s been finding the transition to computer communication hard. But it makes me ask the question: why aren’t these adjustments more widely known about and in place across UIs, software and operating systems? 6.3 million people in the UK are disadvantaged by lack of provision, especially as we have moved to the written word as a primary form of communication during lockdown. Anyone who downloads the font, please consider buying a Kwaffee for the creator! #neurodiverse #dyselxia #smallchange #bigdifference