• Jasmin Bhanji

This Space of Mine — Published: 25 May Whitechapel Gallery Inspired by our current season of exhibitions, we’ve been visiting the studios of artists, designers, choreographers and more to shed light on the environments that inspire creative work. Here we speak with multimedia artist and educator, Jasmin Bhanji, who generously welcomed us into her communal studio-cum-classroom. We were surrounded by the sounds of school bells and students, offering the perfect backdrop to Jasmin’s ever-inspiring collection of found objects and works-in-progress. Go behind-the-scenes with Jasmin and book your tickets for A Century of the Artist’s Studio: 1920-2020, offering a glimpse into more than 80 creatives’ studios from around the world. #ThisSpaceOfMine. Where do you create/make? My studio is in a school and was set up by Cubitt Studios. They offer various studios within community spaces, including in care homes, and this particular studio has been set up in a secondary school in Islington, North London. The head teacher here and Cubitt got together and had this brilliant idea of converting this quite large space into four spaces for practitioners. And all of the participants have to be interested or committed to both arts and education, meaning each of their practices are somehow involved with education. I think what’s amazing for this space is that we get to take these kids out of their normal classes and they’re able have an experience with professional artists. It’s a very radical solution to both the squeeze on affordable artists’ spaces and it’s a really beautiful response to the squeeze on arts education. It’s a perfect solution for both.