Thomas Cook Relaunch

Reimagine the Thomas Cook brand and what it delivers to customers including service design and how the business can create more profitable offers as well as proving the value of a central marketing team.
What we wanted solution to do:
Drive sales, awareness and be a platform that can work across the huge needs of a 14 market organisation
Make the brand feel emotional/entertaining again like a holiday should be
Become part of popular culture to be relevant again and use its existing strengths of trust as an asset.
Prove to the organisation the value of being more than transactional and of taking the effort to engage with culture.

Be Bold 

#1 Spotify charts   #7 Shazam charts   #13 UK iTunes charts
​We commissioned two tracks partnering with Sony to launch the most successful one. This partnership funded additional content to go alongside our campaign – effectively a paid for, freely distributed 4 minute branded content piece.
Digital market share increased by 31%, brand searches are up by 20% and the number of times Thomas Cook is mentioned on social media channels has increased by 451%.
Most importantly shifted their internal understanding of marketing and set us up for this year.