Three (2022)

  • Louis Holder
  • Tiyana Henriques
  • Cassius Kane
  • Shannon Valentine
  • Scarlett Gardner
  • Naomi Omokhua
  • Zac Procter
  • Destinie Paige
  • Meghan Willcox
  • Leo Zaidi
  • Amy Reid
  • Cameron Vickers
  • Ashleigh Carey

THREE is a coming-of-age film about three Black Cuban women living together. It explores the daughters emotions towards a new change in their lives, with their mother leaving to get re-married starting a new chapter in her life, allowing the two daughters to independently grow and also take care of their family home. The film is the graduation project of upcoming filmmaker Destinie Paige and was edited by Louis Holder on AVID Media Composer Ultimate 2021. Assistant Editor: Philip Kapadia (AVID) Sound Designer/ProTools Engineer: Adam Pavey Colourist/Resolve User: Matthew Downs