• Kanaka Raghavan

An easy starter guide for culture and stuff.

TLDR is an abbreviation for the phrase too long; didn’t read, a commonly used acronym that summarises a lengthy article that goes on forever. (We’d ask you to wiki it… but that’s the whole point of this.
You don’t have to.

Tldr is for the generalists, those who live a busy life but at the same time would like to learn about a lot of stuff - Not necessarily taking a deep dive into every subject every time (who has that kind of time) but providing a simple, easy-to-follow and most importantly, a practical entry step into these magical, mystical worlds.
The Jazz Issue

This first issue of tldr is about jazz music. It's a particularly interesting subject to explore because it has been built up to be this complex form of music that only those with 'good taste' can enjoy. It has been touted to be complex to understand and is infamous for afficionados gatekeeping
the art-form.