TLS redesign

  • Sachini Imbuldeniya

I had the honour of overseeing the redesign of this 118 year old publication and what a joy it was to work on! The Times Literary Supplement hadn't had a refresh since 2007 and was in desperate need of some creative tlc. The challenge was to attract a new, younger and more culturally diverse audience without losing the existing readership, up-paging or sacrificing any of the words. Yup - I said it was a challenge... We stripped it back, added a lot of white space and gave it a fresh, modern and more approachable look and feel using the Publico and Graphik font families. The biggest hurdle was that the finished re-design had to be heavily templated and extremely user friendly for non-design folk (whilst still looking great), as the TLS don't actually have a design team. The launch issue ran with this brilliant conceptual cover illustration of Virginia Woolf and the results so far show that retail sales have gone up by 20%!


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