tmrw magazine Class of 2019

  • Catarina Ramalho
  • Joe Brine
  • Jamie Waters

Lolo Zouaï has a bracingly honest and distinctive manner of transforming her mundane day-in-and-out experience into powerful songs.

"The freedom to decide who’s hot or not from the palms of our hands has revolutionised the way we discover new music. Hours spent crate digging are now easily accessible, and with the ease of a click, we can find how the new kids on the block that are driving the culture forward, in their own, unique, ways.

“I’m emotionally aware. When I’m in a room, there can be a bunch of people, but I’m always aware on how they feel at all the times” – Lolo Zoai, unsigned Franco-Algerian singer-songwriter comments on her creative process – “I thought it was important to make music that mimics my emotions. Whatever it is that I am feeling, I’m sure that there are a million of other people that feel the same way”.
Her debut single, ‘High Highs to Low Lows’ is a slow-drift futuristic R&B track where she plays with the dual meaning of certain words, in two dissimilar languages, into a fully formed banger. "

Lolo Zouaï is my staff pick for 2019. You can read the full feature here.